When to board a pet versus having a pet sitter come visit

As a pet sitter, I see many instances of animals being kept at home during a family’s vacation that should have probably been boarded. Obviously i’m in the business of visiting client homes to care for their pets, however, there are times when 1 or 2 visits a day is not enough time to give to a family’s pet in order to entertain and socialize the animal. There have been times I’ve turned down clients because they didn’t want to pay for more than 1 visit a day while they were gone for 1 week. How humane is that, to keep a dog in a crate and only let out once a day? It’s horrible. That money spent on a pet sitter would be better spent on a boarding facility to ensure the pet is well cared for, and has proper space and socialization with staff and/or other animals.

I’ve seen pets in all states of emotion: happy, depressed, anxious, manic..you name it, I’ve probably seen it. A lot of times staying at home CAN be better than going to a boarding facility, however care has to be given to how much time and space that animal will have with the pet sitter. Just some food for thought!

Keeping your cats happy

A happy cat is a good cat!

Who knew cat toys and trees would be the key to success for many owners. I deal with many cats, including my own, who have behavioral issues that more often than not either is solved with better socialization or with cat toys and trees. Cats are no different than dogs who chew everything up in the sense that if you have a malcontent cat who acts up or out..spitting, peeing, scratching..you might simply just have to entertain them and wear them out. It’s true, cats are normallly nocturnal animals whose energies manifest at night. If you wear them out enough, potentially they will sleep later! No, but seriously having cats who are entertained and can do a variety of activities will cut down on any cat issues you may have. It worked for mine!

The benefits of a Mid-Day Visit for a Dog Walk

One of the best things you can do for your dog is a mid-day visit. Two-fold if it’s for a puppy. A lot of times dogs will be crated while home, while both owners are away at work which results in sometimes peculiar behavior by the family pet. A mid day visit helps to alleviate boredom, tension, and most appropriately their bodily functions during the course of a day. We have had clients who had moved into the area and they needed immediate normalcy for their dogs and cats..and a mid-day visit accommodated that for them. A lot of times dogs will show fear or anxiety after transplanting to a new environment and having someone come over to play and work with the dog while it gets acclimated is a great thing.

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