Our pet sitting local area subdivisions

Listed below are just some of the subdivisions where you will us and our clients. Call us today to schedule your next daily, mid-day, or vacation


Auburn Lakes

Bainbridge Estates

Benders Landing

Candlelight Hills

Champion Forest

Country Lake Estates


Cypresswood Glen

Cypresswood Glen Estates

Devonshire Woods

Gleannloch Farms



Imperial Oaks

Lakes of Cypress Forest

Legends Ranch

Louetta Lakes

Memorial Northwest


Oaks of Devonshire

Spring Creek Forest

Spring Creek Oaks

Spring Lakes

Spring Trails

Stone Forest

Terranova West

The Woodlands


Wimbledon Estates



Avoid Sidewalk Puppy Sellers!

One of the observations I have here in Texas is the ungodly amount of breeders who set up shop on the side of the road to sell their puppys like they would a used bike. Avoid these sellers! You are simply encouraging them to continue breeding and selling in an unregulated, and often unhealthy way. The pounds and intake shelters are overloaded with mixed and pure breeds! Often times you can contact a rescue and see about the animals temperament before bringing them home. Either way, don’t encourage the road side sellers, and if you see them, please contact the local authorities to have them removed

Pet Sitting as a Service

Many of our customers use us as a means of trying to save money by watching their pets, over placing them in some sort of boarding facility. There are definitely pros and cons to consider when choosing either avenue. One of the benefits of hiring us is that we take the time to know who YOU are as well as your pets. I want you to feel as comfortable as can be knowing that I’ll be spending time with loved ones in your absence. Outside of that, the trust that goes into letting someone new into your home is a big deal as well. With many clients in the Spring, Conroe and Woodlands area, I can put you in touch with several of them for references.

Many of my clients work in the oil and gas industry, legal, medical and more and appreciate the use of a pet sitting service for any number of their pets. Rest assured that your family will become part of our extended family as well and that we will take care of all of your pets, no matter what size they are.

Some more points about hiring a pet sitting service: when looking for pet sitting service for your dog, there are a lot of options to consider. You can go with an in-home pet sitting service or, if you’re comfortable enough, take your dog to a doggy day care. Before you choose one of these pet sitting services, ask yourself a few questions.
How willing are you to load your dog up twice a day and take him to and from doggy day care?
What habits might he pick up from the other pets that you’ve worked so hard at training your dog not to do?
How stressful will this big change be for your dog?
Why can’t my favorite pup just stay at home in his own territory?
It’s important to consider these questions before making your final decision on whether to enroll your dog in a doggy day care or find an in-home pet sitting service close by. When it comes down to it, there are 5 reasons to choose in-home pet sitting instead of a doggy day care that will benefit both the owner and the dog.
1. Not Much Change and Less Stress for Your Dog New environments with new people and new scents can make some dogs very nervous, especially when he/she is there without you. The other animals can sometimes be intimidating and territorial, which can make your dog feel uncomfortable and less welcomed. There are so many new voices to listen to, sometimes all at once. Maybe they’re not all towards your dog but it can be very confusing to know who to listen to. There are also new and unfamiliar scents and no spot for your dog to call his own. Your dog may feel like he’s being punished because he can’t stay home like a good dog and be comfortable. You should know that by hiring an in-home pet sitter, your dog will be much more content because of all the familiar surroundings; he just needs someone to take him out during the day.
2. No Bad Habits to Pick Up from the Other Pets You might be surprised at what goes on at some doggy day care centers. Sure, it looks like fun for your dog to play with “friends” but not all the pets there get along or are as well behaved as your dog. Plus, when certain breeds interact, they pass on bad behavior that you’ve worked so hard at training your dog to not do. Although you shouldn’t completely isolate your dog from other pets, your hard work doesn’t have to go to waste.
3. Your Pup Might Catch the Flu or Another Illness- Achoo! Your dog’s stress levels would be much higher than normal due to all the changes and his immune system won’t be as strong. It would be harder for him to ward off all the new germs he’d come in contact with during his stay at a doggy day care. That means there’s a higher chance of your dog getting sick within the first few weeks of being there. I’m sure you don’t want your dog to get sick and have to spend the extra time and money to take him to the vet, which no dog likes anyway. By hiring an in-home pet sitting service, your dog is a LOT less likely to get sick at home because of his immunity to many of the germs there. In-home pet sitters are WELL aware of the germs they bring in and apply sanitation practices whenever possible.
4. Your Dog Can Stay on a Steady Routine Some owners have rituals with their dogs that they’re both quite used to. It can be something along the lines of waking up, taking the dog out, feeding him breakfast, and playing with him for a bit before heading off to work or wherever. Some owners I know even leave treats for their dogs to find during the day. All this can stay the same and an in-home pet sitter can come throughout the day to take your dog out for potty breaks and exercise. Dogs adjust very well to routines like this since they depend so much on humans to care for them.
5. Extra Security for Your Home When your in-home pet sitter comes to visit, she checks the rest of your house and yard to make sure everything is safe for you and your dog. She turns different lights on and off and moves the window treatments to show that the home is not abandoned all day. Having your dog for a “watch dog” isn’t always enough. Your pet sitter can do all these things your dog can’t. If you took your pet to a doggy day care, no one would even be able to bark away the people who walk by and your home would be more at risk for intruders because it is completely abandoned. Choosing an in-home pet sitter is truly a safer alternative.
You and your dog will be so happy with the benefits an in-home pet sitter will provide. Your dog may receive good care from a doggy day care but your home isn’t nearly as protected and your dog won’t have the same comfort and one-on-one attention while you’re gone.

The Benefits of Using Flaxseed Oil on Your Dogs

Did you know that not only is flaxseed good for us, but also for a furry friends?

Not only is flaxseed oil extremely beneficial to us humans, flax seed oil for canines also have substantial health benefits.

Producers that make commercial dog food have become very adept at making good quality products that have important nourishment and omega -3, oily fatty acids.

The processing that takes place with modern pet food means most of the healthy essential fatty acids are left out. The reason being, it tends to turn rancid very quickly if not kept in a dry, cold location.

Future omega-3 deficiencies in a dog can lead to a number of health problems such as dry, flaky skin, dull coat, heart problems, inflammatory and immune disorders, allergies, joint disease and even cancer.

Here’s The Reason Why Flax Seed Oil for Dogs Is preferable to Fish Oil

Just like humans, fish products can be especially distasteful to dogs and in addition they might even come with an allergy to it.

Flax Seed oil doesn’t just provide the same health benefits as its fishy counterpart; it also consists of numerous health qualities your pet dog will reap the benefits of. Among other nutrients, flax seed essential oil is rich in useful dietary fiber which is required to keep your dog’s digestive system in good working order.

Flax Seed Oil Health Benefits For Your Dog

Just a little flax seed oil added to your best friend’s meal regularly might help avoid a number of unpleasant problems:

Dry, Unhealthy Fur

A dogs coat is a good indicator to its health and when it appears lifeless and dull you know your best friend has concerns. Deficiencies in essential oils can result in dry itchy skin, inflammation and sore red patches and chunks of fur missing.

A dull coat and itching, flaky skin is a certain indicator of omega-3 deficiencies in a dog. Simply by including a small amount of flaxseed oil to your dog’s meal will usually see these symptoms vanish within a week or two.

If your dog has a poor coat or showing signs of flaking and itching skin, you can be assured that flaxseed oil will remedy the issue and prevent it from returning.

Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis in dogs is a painful and often life-threatening condition. My old dog suffered awfully from it and I understand how sad it is to see.

It’s quite amazing and unfortunate that so many dogs suffer from joint disease throughout their life, which has much to do with not getting sufficient omega-3 fatty oils in their daily diet.

Other Health Conditions Helped by Flaxseed Oil

Apart from the principal two conditions stated earlier, studies have shown that giving flax seed oil to dogs will benefit them in further areas, such as;

The risk of developing heart disease could be decreased with flaxseed oil. The oil’s qualities help to stop the build up of thick blood which can lead to clots and ultimately a heart attack.

Cancer Treatment – Flax seeds are abundant with lignans, which are healthy proteins that contain anti- viral, anti- fungal and anti-cancer components. These lignans boost the immune system and work by slowing the expansion and spread of cancer or by even preventing it to start with.

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