Pet Sitting Policies

Please review the following:

Initial visit to meet you and your pet is at no charge.

There is a $10 surcharge on major holidays.

There is a $15 key fee for picking up/dropping off.

Less Than 72hr Notice for New Clients- $35 surcharge
Less Than 48hr Notice for New Clients- $50 surcharge
24hr Notice or Less for New Clients- $100 surcharge

We accept cash, checks, and Square credit or cash.

Household | Pet Supplies

As with most of our clients, it is expected that during visits that pet supplies (treats, food, litter, etc) will be made available. We understand that sometimes emergencies do happen and that on occasion we might need to run out and get something with your permission. We will gladly do so if you don’t mind the additional charge for mileage. Please inform us if you change the location of any supplies in between visits as we do not want to make it a habit to go searching through your home for items your pets are needing. Supplies should be easy to get to.

Emergency Contact Information

It is imperative that you give us all the up to date contact info for emergencies when you hire us to care for your animals. This contact info could consist of neighbor numbers, friend phone numbers, locations of spare keys, lock code and other items that you would normally deem as something we should know in the event of an emergency.

Special Requests

We take great pride in trying to do everything we can for our clients; however, please give notice in advance for special requests.

Returning Home Early or Late

Flights and trips get delayed and extended all the time. If you are delayed in returning home, please contact us to let Passion for Pets know what your trip plans are in terms of arrival schedule based on the delays.

Guests staying in your Home

Please let us know if you will be having guests stay in or visit your home while you are away.

New Locks or Codes

In preparation of us caring for your pets either the very first time or on an extended basis, please let us know of the following:

1. Changes in animal care
2. New pets
3. Emergency contact numbers
4. Key and code changes


Natural Disasters, Illness or Emergency

We STRONGLY ADVISE you to give a house key to a nearby neighbor in the event that your pet sitter cannot get to your home due to closed roads (i.e., fire, flooding, snow, etc.).

Weather Policies

With your pet’s health and safety in mind, there may be a few times per year when we consider weather conditions to be too extreme for your pet to walk or run. We reserve the right to alter plans for that activity, be that complete cancellation, indoor play or shortening the visit.

Should the regularly scheduled pet sitter become ill or an emergency arise, another qualified pet sitter will fulfill the responsibilities. You will be informed should this occur.



In the event you need to cancel services, we require notice at least 1 day prior to the scheduled visit. Many times we are forced to refuse clients due to unavailable time. During these instances we greatly appreciate your advanced notice of cancellation. In the event that we are short notified on the day of the visit for cancellation, you will be charged for that visit.

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